Building is a challenging and exciting process for every client. We like to be an inspiring and thorough partner. Heiko Hulsker & Partners is a certified architectural office with two dozen employees and works for professional clients and private individuals, from concept to realization. New ideas coupled with extensive experience in urban design, housing, commercial buildings, offices, hotels, schools, and public buildings. We always look for a good balance between creativity, research and design and professionalism in process as well as in execution. We build throughout the Netherlands and abroad (France).


“Logic takes you from A to B, imagination takes you anywhere”
-Albert Einstein

Architecture and urban design are fields in which economics, culture, research, creativity, management, improvisation, crafts and technology fully intertwine. Designing is an activity that requires a lot of knowledge on the one hand and a completely open attitude on the other. An open thought process with many participants and many variables. We like to be in the middle of that process and explore the possibilities together. Together with our clients, partners and advisers we develop and realize sustainable solutions for contemporary problems. The complexity of this offers the opportunity to arrive at creative and intelligent solutions. Craftsmanship is the key to make dreams come true.

What to expect

Every assignment is different, but it starts with defining a goal and choosing the right people to realize it. The choice of an architect is often one of the first important steps of the client in the realization of a building plan. This requires a good introduction. With the client we start by discussing the assignment, the possibilities regarding the process, the budget and the method of settlement. Particularly in the phase of preliminary studies and feasibility studies, agreements are adjusted per phase if necessary. Under the direct leadership and responsibility of one of the partners, models are developed by the architects/designers and discussed with the client. Depending on the assignment and the process, a project leader is appointed immediately or at a later stage who can supervise the process, the technical elaboration and the realization up until delivery.
In consultation with the architect, the project leader directs the internal employees and external advisers, coordinates consultations with authorities and monitors the time and budget. In the course of the process, the emphasis shifts from the architects to the project leaders, but they both remain involved in the project up until delivery.