Nieuw Boekenroode

Boekenroodeweg 41, Aerdenhout
The Netherlands
16 luxurious apartments
ir. Heiko Hulsker| ir. Ugur Sütcü| ing. Wim Visser|
Haarlem Oil Company

Boekenrode, literally: the ground of beech, is a place in Aerdenhout that exists partially of meadow and partially of dunes. On this unique, green location a school for special children made room for 16 apartments for people of age. These luxurious apartments are supported by a healthcare system to aid the residents in their daily existence. In the research phase of Nieuw Boekenroode it became clear to us that we were dealing with a special assignment where nature, landscape and city come together. The question for us was therefore how we could create the feeling of a ‘home’ that subtly coexists within the green environment without burdening it too much with the artificial. The 16 homes and the associated care center of Nieuw Boekenroode have been designed with the intention for the users to enjoying the sun and the green surroundings at this remarkable location in Aerdenhout.

architectural ensemble

Due to the fanning out shape of the residential ensemble of Nieuw Boekenroode, all homes are optimally oriented towards the south. This shape, in combination with the solar collectors on the slightly sloping roofs, translate into a whole that fits seamlessly into the natural environment, aswell as into the current era in which sustainability plays an important role in our lives. The large windows facing south offer a wide view of the green surroundings and provide for ambiatic light entering the luxurious living areas on that side of the houses.



The houses of Nieuw Boekenroode can be seen as sixteen-under-one-roof principle. Many residents have two shared walls, that in some cases translate into functional terrace separators on the south side of the ensemble. One of the challenges was to address the aspect of privacy on a location where you actually want to become one with nature. The private quarters of the recidences are located in the northern part of the apartments. The wooden volumes on this side of the complex provide access to the houses. This part of the architecture contains the bedrooms and other private areas of the house.
entrance to the site

coming home

The optimal ratio between the wooden volumes, the fan structure and the favorable location of the plan provides a layered and stylish experience when you come home. Upon entering, you find yourself in a modest space that translates into a sea of ​​light, air, greenery and openness in the attractive living areas towards the south part of the apartments.

interior rendering of a residence ©IAAY