Boutique Hotel Boulevard 5

The Netherlands
hotel, residential
ir. Heiko Hulsker| ir. Angelique Stegeman| ir. Thijs Giskes| ing. Bernard Pieters|
hospitality, beach

Boutique hotel Boulevard 5 is a popular accommodation with its prominent location at the Zandvoort Boulevard. After we designed the ajoining appartment complex Seinpostweg, we were asked to renovate the existing hotel Boulevard 5 and create an attached accommodation for the owners.

The hotel has been a family business since 1953 and has been through a few metamorphoses since. The owners wished for a cozy home and a more up-to-date style and lay-out for the hotel that matches the palette of the beach. As a result, their new home is attached as a modern row house to the hotel with expansive views over the coastline.


Coastal colors

Natural warmth, modern lines and a serene, beachy palette were the guiding themes in this project. The owners were looking for a wood that reveals a similar expression as the pavilions found at the beach, such as our project de Republiek. The renovated hotel entrance and extension are clad with untreated Fraké lamellae, a wood that grays naturally in a graceful manner. The rest of the façade is clad with a warm, light brick that follows the existing structure’s palette. The new wooden balconies refer to the past architecture of hotels found at the boulevard, create new outdoor space for the hotel apartments and tie the old and new structure together as a whole.

Presence and view

The entrance of the hotel is made more prominent by its new central position. The ground floor extension has been redesigned into a cozy space for breakfast, which in turn made space for a new luxurious apartment that sits right at the boulevard. Looking over the beach, the addition of the owners house follows and extends the existing structure from the 1950’s of the hotel. Taking into account the limited available footprint, large window openings mark this new addition and floods the interior with natural light. Now both the guests and owners wake up to see the sea.