CNA Looslaan

The Netherlands
villa & appartments
ir. Heiko Hulsker| ir. Patrick Stijger|
housing, residential

Living by the water with your own boat. This concept drove us in this limited competition by Michel Perridon. The assignment was to create a luxurious villa on this unique plot of land that looks over the scenic Bergse Plassen in Rotterdam. We added luxury apartments as a stronger investment concept.

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Personal island

We started by analyzing the site. To create more of an island, the waterway around the plot was enlarged. This, together with a driveway crossing a bridge, creates a transition to a personal island. On this island, the housing has personal parking underground and a small harbour on the backside. The mass of the building is elevated, as if to stand atop water. The above contributes to an optimal view over the lake.
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Luxury living

Apart from the site, landscape and views creating a luxurious experience, the apartments' interiors feature a range of double-tiered levels, defining their layout. The use of large terraces and gardens highlights and creates transitional spaces between indoor and outdoor areas. In these spaces, people can enjoy optimal comfort and views.