Nieuwe Haven, Schiedam
The Netherlands
under construction
ir. Heiko Hulsker| ir. Ugur Sütcü| ir. Patrick Stijger| ing. Thomas Bruijns|

In 2019 we started project ‘de Unie’ in Schiedam. Almost an entire building block bordered by Nieuwe Haven, Schoolstraat and Warande was in high need of attention. We made the redevelopment plans for the existing buildings, including two monuments and received the permit to transform it all into 84 apartments.

The construction is currently well on its way. Alsmost all buildings have been stripped and soon the renovation of the facades will start.

Facade around 2009 with a roof on the tower

The title of this project comes from a faded advertising text on the side wall of Nieuwe Haven 105. At the end of 1924, it was placed on the facade by the then owner, ‘Unie Winkel Maatschappij’, also known as Unie Winkel. The municipality has written a piece about its history here.

Different owners, fires and renovations make it so that this ensemble of buildings was full of surprises. In many ways the buildings are working together but they are also different from one another.
A lot of time went into trying to understand the existing situation. Now the goals is to bring it all back into a union.

Nieuwe Haven – existing
Nieuwe Haven – new
Rendered birdseye view of the project site
Rendered section through the new courtyard
impression of the new courtyard
Rendered section through the new patio of Schoolstraat 6

A part of this project is the Warande housing
For more info on that project click the link below
Warande Schiedam

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