Foodhall Schalkwijk

The Netherlands
Design phase
market hall
ir. Robbert van der Lee| ir. Thijs Giskes|
catering, market hall, food, retail

In the last few years the shopping district of Schalkwijk, the largest district of Haarlem, has been undergoing a large scale redevelopment. The aim of the municipality is to revitalize the current 1970’s structures to create a vibrant centre containing mixed housing, business and cultural programs.
In the heart of this area lies a square where the proposal was for a market hall to be made. This pavilion would functionally and aesthetically connect to the surrounding public spaces, offering a commercial hub for food and catering.

In 2021 we received the task from owner, Aydin Kahraman, who has extensively and passionately been in the process of realising a foodhall on this site. In 2023 permission was granted to start realising the vision of a central foodhall for Schalkwijk. In 2024 we hope to start construction on this significant project.

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Top view render
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