Ter Hoffsteedeweg 1, Overveen
The Netherlands
healthcare centre
ir. Heiko Hulsker| ir. Patrick Stijger| ing. Wim Visser|

The name of the building HOED stands for ‘huisartsen onder een dak’, as it hosts multiple general practitioners and other paramedical disciplines under one roof.

The HOED building is located on the terrain of the municipality of Bloemendaal, in Overveen. It has its own unique character, that respects the context it is situated in. As a result, wood became its main building and cladding material.

lead by context

The building interacts with the nearby woods and with the villa's of the Ter Hoffsteedeweg. 
The nearby municipality of Bloemendaal has a striking white monumental exterior. The aim was to respect this important building by not competing with it, but to express itself as a part of the woods. For this reason, fraké wood in various sizes, was chosen as its cladding material. Fraké is a heat-treated wood (hydrothermolysis), that ensures the durability and sustainability of the material. Consequently, a wooden construction was chosen that together with its cladding, provides the building with prolonged function and beauty.