Villa D. Aerdenhout

The Netherlands
ir. Heiko Hulsker| ir. René Klein Goldewijk| Lonneke Molenaar| ing. Edward Vonk|

In this renovation, the inward character of the villa has been reversed by allowing more light to enter. The kitchen has become the central point in the house, with a large facade added. As a result, the kitchen becomes a large bright space that illuminates the rest of the house. At the same time, optimal use is made of the view.

To access the first floor, one takes the staircase that winds alongside the kitchen. This way, one experiences the house and the new kitchen area in different ways. To enliven the high walls along the kitchen space, a library has been added on the mezzanine. The interior has been given a cheerful eclectic style with attention to special lighting fixtures, window decorations, and wall finishes. For the floor, parquet has been chosen with a Labradorite quartzite in the kitchen to emphasize this space as the main area.

©Marc Dorleijn
©Marc Dorleijn
©Marc Dorleijn