Warande Schiedam

The Netherlands
Design phase
ir. Heiko Hulsker| ir. Patrick Stijger| ing. Thomas Bruijns| ir. Vittoria Mirra|
housing, new, herenhuizen, warande

In 2019 we started project ‘de Unie’ in Schiedam. Almost an entire building block bordered by Nieuwe Haven, Schoolstraat and Warande was in high need of attention. We made the redevelopment plans for the existing buildings, including two monuments and we received the permit for 84 apartments.
The two bungalows on the Warande side of this location are also in high need of redevelopment. In 2019 the decision was made to develop this as a separate project.

Now in 2023 we made the initial plan for 9 new houses.

Whilst still being in the design phase the plan has been shared with the municipality of Schiedam and a large group of people living in the area. Since they all responded positively, we can now work towards bringing the project into realisation.

Top view impression

This is the 3rd phase of project de Unie
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de Unie

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