WOC Clubhuis

Zeeweg 5, Overveen
The Netherlands
ir. Heiko Hulsker| ir. Birthe van Opzeeland| ir. Sil Mantel|

Along the sea road, adjacent to the South Kennemerland National Park, stands the WOC tennis club. This environment provides the club with its own tennis haven. The design is oriented towards both the sea and the land, facing west and east. This allows for enjoyable tennis sessions in both the morning and evening.

The building further integrates with the surroundings by incorporating wood in both its structure and facade cladding. The terracing of the dune landscape is emphasized and extended by the addition of a lowered, extra tennis court. The new clubhouse is elevated, facilitating maintenance of the tennis courts with accessibility to storage in the basement. At the same time, there is optimal visibility over the courts.