ir. Angelique Stegeman

This is Angelique, architect at HeikoHulsker & Partners since November 2020.

She already knew during her pre-university education that she wanted to go to TU Delft. Because she has a passion for drawing, she thought she would be in the right place at the Rietveld Academy. But after an in-depth study, she chose TU Delft, where different ways of thinking and techniques were stimulated in the visual arts. Partly because of this, she has enjoyed her 6 year education to the fullest, with two completed minors in Heritage & Design and Landscape Architecture.

Angelique likes to work on different scales. Many scales and interests came together in her graduation thesis. It fuels her interests to be a an architect with socially engagement, respecting existing structures.

She loves to be part of people's everyday built environment. After all, the natural and built environment is all around you. A fascination of hers lies in the conscious but also unconscious way how people are influenced by their architectural environment. A source of inspiration for this is the architecture of Lina Bo Bardi. She also really enjoys analyzing existing buildings and discovering their identities.

She finds architecture in which light, structure and landscape strongly work together very inspiring. Often these are serene, sometimes spiritual buildings such as The Museum of Independence or the Bait Ur Rouf Mosque in Dhaka. When she visited the cathedral in Ghent, she got the same feeling. “The play of light is breathtakingly beautiful" according to Angelique.