ing. Nicky Vrijhoef

This is Nicky, a very experienced architectural draftsman at HeikoHulsker & Partners.

Nicky studied HBO Architecture. His father was a teacher of architecture and machine woodworking. Nicky knew from an early age that he wanted to do something with the transferred (construction) knowledge. He wanted to be an architect or an electrician. He was the only one in his large family to end up in the architectural industry.

During his studies in Architecture, he came to do an internship at HeikoHulsker in 2006 and has never left since then. Nicky is therefore seen as a very loyal and valued colleague in our team.

He also does our ICT maintenance, so if there is an 'ICT panic' at the office, all colleagues are very happy that Nicky is there!

He enjoys the acpect of 'creating' in his profession the most and if it is also aesthetically correct and feasible, he gets a lot of satisfaction from this. Seeing the result of what he has drawn remains beautiful for him.

Of course, budgetary concessions sometimes have to be made in a project, but if you succeed in making a good design together with the architect within the chosen budget, then he becomes proud. Technically drawing 'Het Carre van Bloemendaal' was quite a challenge for Nicky, but he thinks it is fantastic to be able to see the result now!

In his spare time Nicky likes to do odd jobs. From making furniture to renovating his own house. He also likes to stay fit by doing crossfit.