ing. Wim Visser

This is Wim, ã passionate project leader at HeikoHulsker architects.<br>He studied engineering at MTS and HTS.

Wim has been a project manager at the architectural office since 1977. He was employed here before the current owner Heiko Hulsker, who took office in 1993. His specialty lies in 3D architectural insight (ArchiCAD) and acting directly on it.

In addition, he is often present at the construction sites of the relevant projects to solve possible problems on site in consultation with the contractors.

He also worked for 3 years as the main construction coordinator from the architectural office on a construction site at the water supply company PWN in Andijk. To be able to steer such an industrial project in the right direction, is and was very educational for everyone.

Wim is currently working as a project leader on projects in Haarlem such as De Brinck, the former courthouse on Jansstraat, apartment complex on Houtplein / corner of the Tempelierstraat and besides that on HOED general practice in Overveen.

His greatest challenge still remains to bring every project to a successful conclusion, to the satisfaction of the client.

Wim has been working for the office for more than 40 years under the current name “HeikoHulsker architects”. His work is his life, and with his expertise and years of experience a valuable member of the team who enjoys going to work every day!