ir. Andrej Pohajda

From Slovenia to the Netherlands: meet architect Andrej!

Andrej is from Slovenia and studied architecture there. During his Erasmus exchange he studied in Austria for a year. The study there was much more artistic, while the study in Slovenia was very technical. This changed his view on architecture. Because of this experience, he knew that after his studies he wanted to live and work abroad.

At a young age Andrej already knew that he wanted to do something in this field. His parents are both engineers and he grew up with technical drawings. Andrej helped his father, who was a civil engineer, a lot with measuring parts and combining materials. He went to construction sites and took pleasure in making sketches and drawings.

Andrej has been working for HeikoHulsker architects for a couple of years now. He usually works on four or more projects simultaneously, sometimes in close collaboration with Heiko. Sometimes he converts designs, made by himself or his colleagues, into detailed, expressive 3D models. The other time he is responsible for projects that have already arrived in the later, more technical phases.

Andrej has a lot of passion for his profession as an architect. Although the workload is high, the busiest days are his favorite.