ir. Claudia Saia

Claudia's love of architecture originated in Italy, the country where she grew up in. She studied architecture in beautiful Florence.

From an early age, Claudia wanted to move back to the Netherlands. She also briefly studied architecture at TU Delft via the Erasmus exchange programme. She liked the Netherlands very much and after her studies she coincidentally started working at an Italian architectural firm in the Haarlem area.

Claudia came to HeikoHulsker more than 4 years ago. She still remembers her first assignment, the Bisschoppelijke paleis in Haarlem. The building was given a new purpose. She created the 3D model for this unique building. A transformation of a historic monumental building into high-end apartments and luxury homes.

Claudia's passion lies in making buildings more sustainable. She therefore hopes that the future of architecture will become increasingly green!