ir. René Klein Goldewijk

Meet René, senior project leader and architect, who also likes to draw behind the drawing board.

Because his father was, among other things, a teacher of architecture, René was taught working with wood as a little boy. His father gave him a good basis, which aroused his interest.

René studied Architecture at TU Delft. After completing his studies, he worked on many projects at various architectural firms. He has worked on almost every possible project; from houses to hotels, schools and cinemas. Often projects with high quality and comfort requirements in addition to the application of special materials and finishes.

René has been working at HeikoHulsker & Partners for over 20 years now. At the moment he mainly works on houses in the Haarlem area. René finds buildings with monumental detailing beautiful. He is the only one within HeikoHulsker architects who still uses the drawing board.

He believes it is important that projects run smoothly. A well-running process provides energy, because it arises from a good understanding and cooperation between the participants in that process.

For René, the kick of the profession is not only the building that you can walk through, arising from those lines drawn on paper, but also that this is realized through the collaboration between many different participants.