ir. Robbert van der Lee

Meet Robbert, one of the HeikoHulsker architects!

Robbert has had a fascination for history and buildings from an early age, which made becoming an archaeologist the right career choice for a long time.

Around the age of 14 his interest shifted to modern architecture, resulting in studying architecture in Delft. Once graduated, an economic crisis was at its peak. A difficult period to start as an architect. To avoid any delays in his career, he first worked independently with a partner.

Prior to his studies, Robbert lived in the South of France for 6 years. There he came into contact with Heiko Hulsker through Plan Sud Architectes. He offered him the opportunity to work on projects in Haarlem.

In addition, Robbert followed another dream: living and working in a country with a different culture and views on life: Bangkok. A city with many emerging, modern architectural firms. One year later he returns to the Netherlands to reap the benefits of his previously started business with two partners.

He again gets the chance to work on projects at Heiko Hulsker architects, such as De Garenkokerskade and Carré van Bloemendaal. Initially from his own company, but he did not decline the offer to work as a project architect at the Brinkmann complex in Haarlem. He decides to focus entirely on Heiko Hulsker & Partners.

Robbert works with great passion on versatile projects, mostly inner-city transformation projects. He gets his inspiration and energy partly from his studies on the specific history and context of each individual project. He creates a stable basis that guides him during the design process to arrive at the right design solutions with contemporary interventions.