ir. Ugur Sütcü

From computer scientist to architect, meet Ugur!

At a young age, Ugur graduated with honors from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam as a computer scientist. His lack of challenge in computer science and his interest in the versatility of design sparked his interests in architecture. He therefore went on to study architecture, where he also graduated with honors. This was followed by a master's degree at TU Delft.

After his student days, Ugur took part in many workshops and competitions. He worked on various altruistic projects in which he found great satisfaction. In Amsterdam, for example, Ugur worked on projects for young people with light mental disabilities and projects for young people in debt. Through Patrick, one of the architects at HeikoHulsker Architects, Ugur was informed that an architect was being sought for the many projects ahead at HeikoHulsker architects. Motivated by these diverse projects, Ugur seized the opportunity right away.

At HeikoHulsker Architecten, Ugur has a lot of space to pursue his fascinations and perspectives. He still pursues the same ideals and sees architecture as more than a sequence of spaces and materials. He believes that architecture can shape society and that parametric design has an untapped potential to aid in this matter. Ugur has now been working at HeikoHulsker Architecten for almost 6.5 years. Inventing organizational systems to address spatial issues with the discipline of a computer scientist and an architect at the same time is one of his daily activities at the office.