ir. Karim Djallal

This is Karim, our French, slightly Dutchified senior architect and project leader with ambition and pioneering spirit!

This pragmatic, result-oriented and positive team player has been working at HeikoHulsker architects since May.

Born and raised in Paris, Karim studied architecture in Paris. He has been living with his family in the Netherlands for over 25 years and has worked for various Dutch and international organizations and architectural firms.<br>He believes it is important to bind people into a team, to inspire and to ensure that everyone gets the best out of themselves. Humor helps him to put things into perspective, but he will never avoid a problem, but will look for a quick and practical solution.

“Both in France and in the Netherlands, we have a network of partners with specialist knowledge in the field of installations, supporting structures, construction costs, building physics and ecology. I think the combination of project management, architecture and sustainability advice and offering customization is fantastic to be part of!" says Karim. He is therefore proud to be working for HeikoHulsker architects!

Karim thinks the buildings of the Japanese architect Tadao Ando are well thought out! They are perfectly proportioned creations of smooth concrete that enter into a subdued dialogue with nature. No bells and whistles! Spacious, simple shapes with a good play of light.

As a father of two girls, he loves to do things with his family, sports activities, walks on the beach, visiting museums.