Lonneke Molenaar

Meet Lonneke, interior stylist and project coordinator with an eye for detail.

Lonneke knew from an early age that she wanted to be in the world of architecture and interior design. Her parents and grandfather were working in this world, so she learned a lot from them at home. She later decided to work in her mother's interior design store to gain practical experience.

In the long run, she wanted to do more than just sell. A nice position came on her path at the prectice of Jan des Bouvrie. She gradually became the right hand of Jan des Bouvrie from whom she learned a lot. There the first contact was also made with Heiko Hulsker, who at the time worked together with Jan des Bouvrie for a few projects in De Gooi.

Because her job became difficult to combine with her family conditions, she decided to start her own independent home furnishings store 'So Home in Overveen', following in the footsteps of her mother. Due to the growing demand from private clients of HeikoHulsker architects, who like to be guided in making material choices, upholstery and other elements, Lonneke started working for HeikoHulsker & Partners in 2017.

Lonneke excels in service orientation and has great empathy for clients. She knows how to get things done and helps the clients of HeikoHulsker architects to make the right choices and to translate the client's wishes in a nice way. The client's signature is under every interior!

One of the projects for which Lonneke is currently taking care of the entire styling is a 600m2 dream house in Aerdenhout. “One of my best projects to date,” says Lonneke.